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Arrow 2.08 The Scientist Episode Stills

By Raina on Dec 29, 13 • Categories: TV Shows: Arrow

Two high quality stills featuring Summer as Isabel Rochev in Arrow 2.08 The Scientist have been added to the gallery. Screencaps will also be available soon. Previews & links of the stills are available below:

sgw_arrow208_001.jpg sgw_arrow208_002.jpg

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Wizard World Portland Comic-Con: January 25-26

By Raina on Dec 20, 13 • Categories: Convention

Summer will be attending the Wizard World Portland Comic-Con which is held at the Oregon Convention Center January 25-26. Summer Glau VIP Tickets are available to purchase via the Wizard World Site here.

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Knights of Badassdom: Available February 11, 2014

By Raina on Dec 16, 13 • Categories: Movies: Knights of Badassdom

Knights of Badassdom  will be available on demand and digitally from February 11, 2014! Here is the official announcement:

Ryan Kwanten, Steve Zahn, Summer Glau, and Peter Dinklage star in Knights of Badassdom – available On Demand and Digitally February 11th. Beginning January 21st, you can bring the film to your city by requesting it via TUGG!

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Knights of Badassdom: New Trailer

By Raina on Dec 14, 13 • Categories: Movies: Knights of Badassdom

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Knights of Badassdom: Screenings

By Raina on Dec 01, 13 • Categories: Movies: Knights of Badassdom

Knights of Badassdom will begin screening via TUGG January 21, 2014. For a list of the screening times & places be sure to visit TUGG.COM!

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Summer Glau on Isabel Rochev’s Interest in Oliver’s Secrets

By Raina on Nov 13, 13 • Categories: Articles, TV Shows: Arrow

IGN recently interviewed Summer to discuss her role as Isabel Rochev on The CW’s Arrow. Check out some highlights below then click through to IGN to read the full article:

IGN: This week sounds like a pretty interesting one for Isabel, with her traveling with “Team Arrow”, as it were. This obviously doesn’t sound like something Oliver Queen would want to happen.

Glau: No, he doesn’t! But Isabel keeps trying to rein him in. He is not accepting her new place in the company and it’s been a power struggle. She shows up at the 11th hour, before they’re leaving for Russia and basically just invites herself on the trip – and all the fabulous clothes that go along with it!

IGN: There are quite a few secrets Oliver is keeping from her, to say the least. How will that work, given she’s in such close proximity to them?

Glau: It’s not working out well for him. She’s on to him and I think even though she gives him a hard time about not taking his responsibilities seriously, I think she’s starting to get the picture that he’s more than meets the eye. I think that it’s just a matter of time before she catches him in this alternate life that he has. And she’s also really honing in on Felicity. She sees that those two are always together and Felicity is always covering for Oliver and they seem to have a very close relationship and I think she’s trying to wedge between them a little bit.

Full Article at IGN

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Arrow 2.04 Crucible Screencaps

By Raina on Nov 03, 13 • Categories: TV Shows: Arrow

Thanks to 720p Logoless screencaps of Summer as Isabel Rochev in Arrow 2.04 Crucible have been added to the gallery. Previews are available below:

Arrow204-0130.jpg Arrow204-0823.jpg Arrow204-0848.jpg Arrow204-0890.jpg Arrow204-0899.jpg

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