Debunking the Myths about Pawn Shops

pawn Looking at the media, and reading articles posted online, we find a lot of myths that we feel need to be debunked. There are reputable pawn shops out there and they do not deserve the bad vibes that are circling around. So, today, we are here to debunk some of the myths about pawn shops with the hopes of showing our readers that pawn shops really aren’t all that bad …

Myth: “We Don’t Accept Broken, Dusty, and Old Jewelry.”

Truth: If it’s gold, silver or any other precious metal, then most pawn shops are willing to accept it. Believe it or not, you can take broken jewelry down to the local pawn shop and get money from it. Some companies, like the jewelry stores you see in the mall may tell you otherwise, but when you walk into a reputable pawn shop, they will be willing to give you a helping hand.

Myth: “You Will Have to Wait for the Money.”

Truth: We have never seen someone walk into a pawn shop, hand over their collateral, and not walk out with money. The truth is that pawning or selling an item to a pawn shop is one of the fastest ways out there to get money. As long as you go to a reputable pawn shop, you will get paid right away.

The amount of money you get will all depend on what you’re trying to sell and how much money you’re asking for. If you’re selling precious metals, chances are, you’ll get a good amount of money.

Myth: “We Do Credit Checks.”

Truth: Pawn shops do not do credit checks. If you are in need of fast cash and you have items that you can pawn or sell to them, then take them to the pawn shop. Even if you have poor credit, they won’t care. In fact, they don’t even do credit checks.

Myth: “Pawn Shops Only Do Pawns.”

Truth: Pawn shops do more than pawns. They don’t just give loans in exchange for collateral; they also buy and sell items as well.

They are willing to purchase items such as jewelry (even if it is broken), musical instruments, video games, video game consoles, guns, and so much more. There is so much more nesting behind a pawn shop than simple lending.


pawnThe three things we just talked about in the above paragraphs are the common myths that we continuously see surfacing online. When you walk into a trusted pawn shop like, you’ll see that they are just as clean and respectful as a popular retail chain, if not cleaner.

What we are telling you is that you cannot let myths about pawn shops get in the way, because they are a great place to go to in order to buy, sell and pawn items.

If you let those myths cloud your mind and you choose not to go to a pawn shop when you’re in need of money and have items you don’t use sitting around your home, then you have made a poor decision. An example of a good reputable pawn shop would be: