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Knights of Badassdom (2012)
As 'Gwen'
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Arrow (2013)
As Isabel Rochev
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Peter Panzerfaust (2013)
As 'Wendy' (voice)
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Hawaii Five-O (2013)
As 'Maggie Hoapili'
Aired February 11, 2013 on CBS (guest spot)
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Inside the Box (2013)
As 'Sophie'
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Help for the Holidays (2012)
As 'Christine Prancer'
Aired Dec. 9, 2012 on The Hallmark Channel
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Arrow 2.01 City of Heroes Screencaps

By Raina on Oct 11, 13 • Categories: Episode: Screencaps, TV Shows: Arrow

720p Logoless screencaps of Summer as Isabel Rochev in Arrow 2.01 have been added to the gallery. Previews are available below:

smw_arrow201_0011.jpg smw_arrow201_0043.jpg smw_arrow201_0055.jpg smw_arrow201_0066.jpg smw_arrow201_0181.jpg

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Alphas Season 2 Captures

By Raina on Jul 22, 13 • Categories: Episode: Screencaps, Tv Shows: Alphas

iTunes 720p logoless screen captures of Summer in Alphas Episodes 2×06 Alphaville, 2×12 Need to Know and 2×13 God’s Eye have been added to the gallery. You can view previews below:

sgw_alphas213_0008.jpg sgw_alphas213_0032.jpg sgw_alphas213_0030.jpg
sgw_alphas212_0004.jpg sgw_alphas212_0009.jpg sgw_alphas212_0014.jpg
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Grey’s Anatomy 8×17 Screencaps

By Nicole on Mar 17, 12 • Categories: Episode: Screencaps, Gallery Updates, Guest Appearances: Grey's Anatomy

I still think that Shonda could have used her better! But still, here’s the screencaps :) she looked gorgeous like always!

Television Series > Grey’s Anatomy > 8×17 One Step Too Far – Screencaps [+130]

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Grey’s Anatomy 8×16 Screencaps

By Nicole on Feb 25, 12 • Categories: Episode: Screencaps, Gallery Updates, Guest Appearances: Grey's Anatomy

Finally I’ve been able to watch and cap Grey’s Anatomy. Sadly Summer had a really small part. She was beautiful as always, but I thought she could have have at least some lines. She’s a great actress, they could have used her better. I’m a bit disappointed I have to say :/ At least we learnt that her character name was Emily Kovach.

Television Series > Grey’s Anatomy > 8×16 If Only You Were Lonely – Screencaps [+67]

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